womens sneakers adidas that match your choice

womens sneakers adidas that match your choice

Are you confused about choosing womens sneakers adidas to accompany your activities? Check out the following article as an inspiration for sneakers or sneakers that suits you. Not only the choice of models, but there is also a lot of interesting information that can add to your knowledge about sneakers.

If you spend more of your days outdoors, then sneakers are the right choice. Make your steps every day become more confident with the female sneakers in this article.

Besides being more comfortable to use when outdoor activities, sneakers can also make your appearance attractive. This is caused by the tempting models and colors.

This type of womens sneakers adidas is very popular in all circles, especially young people. Even its popularity has exploded since the 1900s. Along with the development of time, the models have become more sophisticated and still attract the interest of teenagers.

Are you interested and want to know more about sneakers or commonly called sneakers? Check out the following reviews to add insight into footwear. The information in this article can also help you look cool with womens sneakers adidas.

The Origin of the Terms of womens sneakers adidas

Hearing the word sneakers will definitely imagine sports, traveling, and other outdoor activities. This type of footwear is indeed designed in such a way as for outdoor activities. The characteristics that are very visible are rubber soles.

Then what are kets? Indonesians call the term kets inspired by a famous shoe brand named Keds. This brand produces canvas shoes and rubber soles since 1917.

Because of the stickiness of ancient people with Keds, then any brand of rubber soled casual shoes will be called sneakers. This phenomenon may be the same as when we call Odol, which is an old brand, for all brands of toothpaste.

Although it was designed not for formal purposes, in fact, there are still some people who use it on official occasions. This might be due to the influence of the habits of artists or figures who like to use sneakers in some official situations. Not only men are fond of it, but women are also infatuated because womens sneakers adidas also vary.

Difference between Sneakers and womens sneakers adidas

What is the difference between sneakers and womens sneakers adidas ? Basically, there is no difference between sneakers and sneakers. Not different from casual shoes.

There is precisely a connection between the term kets and sneakers. The term sneakers were born in America in 1917 together with the release of Keds.

Sneakers are the nickname of Keds shoes that are lightweight and comfortable because they are made of canvas and rubber. Therefore, walking does not cause a lot of noise so that the sneak name is born which means to sneak or walk sneakily. Understandably, at that time more shoes made from rough and heavy so that when used it will cause sound.

In fact, in the promotion of the advertisement, Keds introduced canvas shoes that were light, comfortable, and suitable for girls who wanted to sneak over to their boyfriend or girlfriend. From there people call shoes whose model is similar to the name of sneakers.

Sneakers Parts

How beautiful friend? That was a brief explanation of the definition of sneakers and what was the difference with sneakers. That is how the origin of a shoe can be called as kets or sneakers.

Wearing sneakers will keep the feet moist and will not make you tired quickly when walking or doing activities. You can be freer without having to complain because your legs are in pain like what happens when wearing high heels for too long.

Before discussing women’s sneakers that you can inspire in appearance, it’s a good idea to discuss sneakers parts first. These parts are the main characteristics and can be distinguished from other shoes.

1. Upper

Upper is the body part of the shoe. Places where there are designs and usually logos.

Upper designs do vary depending on the brand. Every well-known brand must have a characteristic that distinguishes it from other brands.

The material used on the upper can be leather, suede, canvas, synthetic material, and others. Upper is a design that dominates the whole shape, so often people like their shoes because of the upper design.

2. Outersole

Outersole is what people often call soles. If you see the bottom of your shoes that are made of rubber and are usually patterned, that’s the outersole.

Rubber with patterns or outersole prints that are usually patterned with serrations or powerful waffles to resist slippery. This will make it easy for you to slip when you move.

3. Midsole

The midsole is rubber along the bottom of the shoe. Precisely above the outsole.

The thickness varies depending on the model released by each brand. For heavy activities, usually, the midsole is thick, while for light activity, the midsole is thinner.

4. Insole

The insole is located inside, right on the footrest. Hopefully, this section is the one that has the most contribution in creating foot comfort.

In addition, this section also functions as a humidity and odor regulator. The insole is usually removable and made of soft material because this part has direct contact with the soles of the feet.

Model of womens sneakers adidas that Attracts Attention

Maintaining appearance is a necessity for you. Especially in an era where knowledge of fashion can be obtained just by tapping and sliding your smartphone. So reading this article will bring benefits that are very meaningful to you. please click in my link womens sneakers adidas.

Here are some models of women’s sneakers that you can inspire to support your appearance. Sneakers are alternative footwear that you can use in various situations. In addition to being comfortable on the feet, the models are also good and can make you excited about your days.

1. Classic Low Top Black and White

This classic design feels timeless. Even though the design seemed old school because it had been around since the 1900s, in fact until the millennial generation was still in love with it.

The combination of colors is neutral, namely black and white. Every well-known brand also has its own version of black and white sneakers. One of them is in the picture above, namely, there are markings in the form of three lines which are characteristic of a famous German brand.

These sneakers are a type of low top, meaning the upper hole limit is below the ankle. Very suitable combined with a casual outfit such as denim pants. Even you can combine it with a skirt so that your appearance becomes trendy feminine.

2. Slip-on Checkerboard Pink White

If you are looking for models of women’s shoes for walking or women’s sneakers without straps, slip-on is the solution. This type is not equipped with straps as fasteners. To make it flexible when worn and removed, replacement straps are elastic rubber.

Slip-on is the best alternative to flip sandals that are suitable for holidays or recreation. Used with or without socks, you will be seen disappointed.

One of the many slip-on designs that have become a trend and attracts teenagers is the checkerboard motif, which is a checkered motif that resembles a chessboard. Choose a checkerboard motif with a combination of pink and white so that it really impresses girls. Then you can combine with denim pants or joggers to look sporty and stylish.

3. Women Athletics

This model of women’s sneakers is actually designed for sports activities. Can run, basketball, tennis, and others.

To satisfy women’s fashion needs, the shoe manufacturer makes designs and colors that are suitable for women. So, not only is it convenient to use for exercise, but it is also fun to use when taking a relaxing walk.

Sneakers athletics is very diverse in design and tends to be modern. The level of comfort is higher than classic sneakers.

4. All White

Color selection also seems to be something that needs attention. If you want to look classic or old school, the choice is not just a combination of black and white. In fact, white sneakers as a whole or all white can also create an old school impression.

This model seems to be a trend for teenage girls to be classic, simple, sporty, and feminine. Traveling with friends will be more fun.

5. High Top

At first, high-top sneakers were for basketball players. The design extends to cover the ankles. The aim is to protect basketball players from the risk of injury.

Although in the past it was intended for basketball, the high top can also be used by anyone who wants to look sporty wherever they are. In addition, these sneakers are also often used when playing skateboarding.

Indeed this design tends to be aimed at men’s activities. However, women can use it because, like basically, sneakers are not just footwear, they are also a matter of fashion.

You can choose soft colors for your high top such as pink, cream or light green. Color variations like glitter can also be used to make you even more tired.

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