white sneaker is the right way to choose

white sneaker is the right way to choose

Treat your shoes as one of the basic things in your journey to a healthy life. If you build your body starting from the bottom, then you have to start with the shoes you are wearing.

While the sports equipment industry might make you think that the right shoes are white sneaker with good style and appearance. Actually, the key to choosing the right shoes is to consider the right size, performance, and prevention of injury.

Find the right shoes for yourself by paying attention to the tips below:

1. Determine the choice of white sneaker based on your activities

Basketball white sneaker is of course designed to play basketball. Tennis shoes are designed to play tennis. Running white sneaker are designed for running, and so on. Believe it or not, this understanding is not just a strategy created by the sports equipment industry so you buy a lot of shoes.

Shoe designers create various types of the white sneaker to facilitate the characteristics of each sport so that athletes can move optimally and avoid injury.

For example, basketball white sneaker is made with flat soles to be able to grip the floor with the maximum possible so that players can move quickly and agile. On the other hand, mountain shoes are designed to be heavier and sturdier with coarse soles to be able to grip the ground and support the ankles so as not to dislocate.

The point is, buy white sneaker that is suitable for the activities you are going to do. If you want to play basketball, buy basketball shoes, don’t buy soccer white sneaker.

2. Change your white sneaker based on usage time

American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine — The American Foot Health Academy suggests a number of instructions about when you should change your white sneaker:

– After being used to walk or run 300 to 500 miles
– After being used for 45 to 60 hours of exercise
– When the shoes are not suitable for use, torn, damaged, etc.

The use of damaged shoes will only endanger your feet and your sports career. It’s better to be vigilant and buy new shoes than you have to suffer painful leg injuries.

3. Determine the budget

Check your finances and set a budget before you go to the shoe store. With the number of variations of shoes offered, you will definitely be tempted to buy various kinds of shoes, especially if there are discounts offered.

Confirm to yourself to only buy the shoes you need, and set the price limit that you have so that you don’t immediately fall into poverty after buying a new pair of shoes.

4. Make sure your white sneaker fit on the feet

As time goes on, your foot size will change. Factors such as weight gain or reduction, pregnancy, and leg injuries will usually affect the change in the size of your feet.

You can ask the shoe store staff to help measure your feet before you try the various types of white sneaker that you estimate.

Also, remember that the size of each brand sometimes differs depending on the type of shoes. The size of 42 in Nike basketball shoes is not necessarily the size of 42 in Reebok soccer shoes.

5. Avoid buying white sneaker based only on the brand

You may be one of the many people who are loyal and love to die in one brand of white sneaker. Unfortunately, it could be a shoe brand that you love does not provide the size and type that is suitable for your body.

Try to widen your outlook and choose shoes based on compatibility and try any brand. It could be that maybe the shoes that are most suitable for you are shoes from a brand that you have never tried before.

So, don’t buy the wrong sneakers anymore, huh!