The Key to Success in Instagram marketing service

The Key to Success in Instagram marketing service

Instagram has become a popular business platform. More than eighty percent of users follow a business account on Facebook’s social platform. That is, there are more than 560 million users on Instagram that can be used as potential consumers for a business.

There are several strategies that you can implement to maximize Instagram’s business potential. instagram marketing service expert Neil Patel shares seven practical concepts so that your business can reach more people, and ultimately, generate more revenue. See below.

Focus on creating quality content

The first and foremost thing you have to do is focus on creating high-quality content. People will not be interested in following your account if the content is not interesting.

You can get content references from other accounts. Make it a habit to take screenshots of any content that draws your attention for reference.

There are several types of content that can attract users’ attention. But if we talk about products, then two types of effective content are product photos and behind-the-scenes.

By showing the product manufacturing process, you can convince users that you are trying to present the best product. Users will also feel closer to your company because they see the human element in it, not mere corporate.

Use a camera and good lighting so that your product is clear. Along with experience, you will find the photo style that is most popular with the market. But if you just started, you can imitate the style of photos from other business accounts.

Interact with the audience

In any social media platform, interaction with the audience is very important. Take your time to read the comments and reply if necessary. Take advantage of the caption to invite users to leave comments.

Sometimes users use comment fields to ask questions or file complaints. So the comment column has a similar function to customer service.
If you can reply to comments quickly, users will feel that you really appreciate them. Simple words like “thank you” can have a big impact.

Keep the brand consistent

The brand is more than quality content. Brands related to all aspects that you use, starting from the style of the image, the writing style of the caption, how often you publish content, and much more. If you succeed in presenting content in a unique and consistent way, people’s awareness of your brand will grow much faster.

A unique and consistent brand will also create a certain impression in the community so that it can attract people who feel one taste with your brand. This will attract more audiences naturally.

Take advantage of influencers with Instagram marketing service

Influencer marketing is a very popular trend, and Instagram marketing service makes it very easy to do. In simple terms, influencer marketing means you pay other Instagram account owners to promote your brand. If done well, this can produce high ROI that is difficult to achieve by other marketing methods.
Here are some of the things you need to pay attention to in influencer marketing:

Make sure influencers have an audience that is relevant to your product. You can use agent services to find the right influencers, but sometimes there are influencers who prefer to work directly with the company.
Don’t just stick to one market share. Suppose you sell running shoes. Don’t just advertise on runner communities, but also on other related audiences. For example in the community of health, diet, fitness, and others.
You can search for potential influencers through the search feature on Instagram marketing service.
Pay attention to the number of followers and the level of interaction of the influencer. Ideally, you need influencers with followers above 500,000 and comments or high likes in each post.
Influencers may have their own rules. Maybe they don’t want to promote a particular product or have a price benchmark. Make sure you negotiate well.

Advertise (Instagram marketing service Ads)

Creating an effective and interesting Instagram marketing service is not easy. Maybe you need to experiment more than once before finding the right way, so it’s a good idea to study advertisements belonging to other companies. You can’t cheat on their ideas, but you can review the ad to find out what the cause of the ad is interesting.

You can also use the split testing method. Create four or five ad versions for one thing in common, but with a variety of different images, text, or target audiences. Image variations are the most important because images have the biggest impact in encouraging someone to click on an ad.

Note that when you want to place an ad, Instagram marketing service will present the objective selection that you can choose. For example brand awareness, traffic, conversions, and so on.

Ad content must be in accordance with the objectives you want. For example, if your goals are conversions (sales, downloads, etc.), then you should show products, complete with prices and call-to-action buttons. But if you target brand awareness, you don’t have to show the product, but it’s better to focus on behind-the-scenes or content that symbolizes your company’s vision.

The Instagram Ads strategy is quite complicated and can eat one article yourself. Most importantly, you must always pay attention to these three things: advertising creative content, objective, and target audience.

Hold a competition
Competition is one of the best ways to advertise on Instagram. Competition can increase user interest and interaction, also give you the opportunity to reward followers. There are many types of contests that you can do, but the most common are product giveaway.

You can upload images, then ask users to provide interesting captions in the image, or invite users to upload their photos while using your product. The best work will then get a prize.

If it goes well, contests like this can spread quickly, giving results that are far more valuable than the value of the prize. Especially compared to the cost of placing advertisements.

Take advantage of the automatic post feature (Instagram marketing service)

One of the keys to success on Instagram marketing service is to present content diligently and consistently. But maintaining the consistency of this content is quite difficult because you also need time to take care of other aspects of your business.

To overcome this, you can take advantage of social media management applications such as Buffer or Sprout Social. You just have to prepare the content in front, then use these applications to schedule publishing. Some applications also offer analytical features so you can monitor the performance of your content.

If it’s your first time trying to use Instagram marketing service, maybe you will find it difficult. What is in this article can help you, but you don’t worry if there are still things that make you wonder. The more you experiment, the more effective you will be. So don’t hesitate, start now.