Diving signals are communication that divers use underwater using hands, because communication underwater without special and expensive products are impossible.

Without realizing people employ a lot of hand or gestures to express themselves. Movements like shrugging the shoulders for “I don’t know”, nodding the pinnacle for “Yes” and shaking your head for “no” are incredibly common in today’s world. Also couples with lived together for a time can talk to body, eyes and hands plus they don’t need to speak with understand 1 another.

All the signals are created for better understanding between divers, because going each time to the surface to convey is dangerous and a few time there isn’t a time for writing everything with a slate. The signals were also created by military divers in early years of diving.

Beside the hand signals used underwater, divers for the surface use other diving signals or devices to convey.

The famous diver down flag (red which has a white line across): shows that there is a diver below. No other boats are allowed and we have a second, larger zone by which boat’s speed is restricted. The flag can be placed on the boat or over a buoy. And in some countries it requires to go down when all divers are from the water. Today this flag represents scuba worldwide.

The Alfa Flag (white and blue): in international shipping communications every letter in the alphabet is represented by a colored flag. This flag represents the letter “A” Alfa. By itself means “Diver Down; Keep Clear at slow speed”. The flag should be flown from any vessel that has diving operations occurring which restricts ship’s maneuvers.

Surface marker buoys (SMB): Good for signaling boat drivers of your respective location while performing the security stop or ascending. SMB makes boat drivers watch you from far with the surface. The Yellow SMB it’s used typically in tech-diving and means emergency underwater/ require assistance (for anyone divers that ought to spend hours on decompression stops).

Today it’s mandatory to learn diving signals before a dive. All diving agencies or organizations around the world teach their divers hand signals, making a lot of them to vary from different regions. That’s the reason why it really is a good practice to always assess the diving signals when diving with friends and strangers through the dive briefing.Many times divers must create a new pair of hand signal based on the different circumstances on the dive. The important thing is usually to always avoid the inevitable and constantly stay safe.