River surfing can be difficult to learn for freshies, and it may be dangerous without the proper gear. Here is what you have access to started.


No single board assists in all conditions. Instead, most surfers will build up a set of boards that really work in their area. Some commence with traditional ocean boards, however it is not an easy way to start. It’ll be easier to master if you get started with something with increased volume along with a larger planing area than most ocean shortboards, and fewer length as opposed to long soft top boards that almost all ocean surfers begin on to help you fit into the wave. Look for soft top boards with significant rocker.

Save fiberglass boards when you have you under which you little better, and never drive your board in the rocks quite so often.


Helmets are nearly mandatory just about every river wave. Look for something whitewater specific rather than bike or climbing helmet.


Wearing a leash is th eeasiest method of getting killed river surfing. If you feel just like you need a leash, get something like a quick release around your waist.


A PFD is advisable in high-volume rivers, particularly in case you’re inside a situation the place you may be held down for a time.


Some foot protection will probably be important; most rivers are shallow and plenty of urban corridors may have glass along with other trash within the rivers that could cut up your feet in the event you’re not careful. You need to choose a trade-off between protection and feel for the board; generally you can obtain away with something thinner than many people kayak with, but test things out on your own to see just how much thickness you would like.


Unless you’re only surfing inside heart of summer, eventually you are likely to need something more than swim trunks and keep you warm. Wetsuits are definitely the way to go here; a 2:3 wetsuit (2mm for the arms and 3 mm for the chest) can keep the cold out enough for many people conditions, though a 3:4 wetsuit isn’t a bad idea should you’re surfing within a colder climate. If you need to do things the hardcore route and surf throughout the winter, you might be in the market for a drysuit. They’re pricy, however they are worth it in case you’re gathering ice for the banks or on yourself.