Best and Promising business google Opportunities for Beginners

Best and Promising business google Opportunities for Beginners

What business opportunities are right for you? When you are not successful with a business google idea, then look for opportunities and other business ideas. Remember the saying that the best teacher is the experience. Also in the business world, as smart as any theory you have, if you don’t practice and go directly into business, then your business theory will be a theory forever.

Well, you also have to be smart in choosing the right business opportunity for you. You can choose and learn from 10+ of the following business opportunities;

Let’s start with an online business. Now everything is online, shopping online, transporting messages online. Online business is a business opportunity that still leaves enormous potential, especially in Indonesia.


Let’s look at the growth of the internet in 2017. Data from the survey of the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) shows that the number of Indonesian internet users reaches 143.26 million.

This means that more than 262 million people, half of whom are internet users, or around 54.68% use the internet.

That is, business opportunities using the internet are still very large.

So we put online business opportunities as the first most potential recommendation as a business opportunity today.

Online business opportunities, home business opportunities, culinary business opportunities, business opportunity services, creative industries, small businesses.

Please refer to the explanation below, one one, adjust it to your interests.

Here are business opportunities that you can do;

Online business opportunities

I put online business opportunities in the first part. Why? Because now almost all lines of business are related to the internet.

Home Business

Now many people are successful businesses from home. Did you know, there are already many billions of billions of housewives. They are able to make money from their homes, home-based business opportunities can be an alternative for those of you who are busy with housework, or those of you who are busy working.

Culinary business google

For your culinary connoisseurs, there’s nothing wrong with opening a culinary business according to your hobby. Culinary business google with professional management has a great chance of success, why? because food is a basic human need. In a culinary endeavor, you must provide new taste and innovation.

Opportunities for creative business google ideas

Try to be creative nowadays, if you really have the skills to make creative products, it seems you are suitable. Moreover, now the government is aggressively providing opportunities for the creative industry to develop.

Opportunities to try small business google

If you only have limited capital, you can start a small business google.

Opportunities for franchising

Currently, you only have limited capital to really establish an independent business google?, You do not have enough resources in making business concepts, promotion concepts, and how to develop a business? if so, you can start doing business with the franchise concept.

business google opportunities for selling groceries

The grocery business Google is a promising business opportunity. The first thing that must be considered in this business is to have the right distributor. You can start looking for a distributor, you can read in 10 places to find basic food distributors online and offline.

business google opportunities that are suitable for beginners

Okay, in starting a business google, of course, the first thing to do is research first. What business will be successful and promising for you?

Business Google opportunities that are Hits or Trending

You can use everything that is trending as an opportunity to make a profit. For example, some time ago Trending about Pokemon Go, you can sell T-shirts with the motif of Pokemon Go.

Or you can take advantage of the momentum of the world cup by selling creative results related to the world cup. Or you can take advantage of CPNS acceptance momentum by selling tips books to pass the CPNS selection.

This business google opportunity is very promising if you can use and market it, I guarantee that you will have a big advantage.

3 tips for choosing the best business google opportunity


Interest will play a big role in the success of the business google that you will build, so choose the type of business that suits your interests and abilities. Continue to upgrade your abilities in that field so that you become an expert.


Capital becomes the second consideration. Try to adjust the business google that you will live with the capital that you will spend.


Adjust between the type of business and the location that you will occupy as your place of business. If you only want to sell online, then you don’t need to determine the location, because you can use the house as a business place

Always observant to see opportunities
Along with the development of technology and people, business opportunities will also grow.

from business opportunities that do not require capital until businesses that require significant capital.

You must be observant and careful in observing the situation and every opportunity that exists. Who is dynamically following the development, then he will survive, as well as business.

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