New York Giants’ novice running back Saquon Barkley suffered a physical injury on Monday. All the fans were alarmed at his condition when he was being attended even so the medical staff in the team.

His left leg’s hamstring suffered a mild strain over the practice and after stretching out for long periods he left the practice among and had his leg wrapped up all while other teammates of his practiced.

Barkley could be the Giants prime choice of draft from the moment when Lawrence Taylor experienced a left leg injury while catching a pass from his fellow rookie Kyle Lauletta. Thought Barkley gave we all a big scare, Head coach Pat Shurmur says how the injury is mild,

Coach Shurmur said after examining Barkley that, “Saquon carries a mild strain, and we’ll be smart with him even as move along here.”

We hope that Big Blue will avoid any risks in connection with overall second 2018 NFL Draft Pick. Barkley sure has demonstrated his potential through the opening game against Cleveland Browns on Thursday night. He was potent enough to find 39 yards in the first carry.

How Barkley’s injury scared everyone emphasize the significance of running back position to the New York Giants. They have been expecting Barkley to function like a horse keeping in mind the offense, but Shurmur, however, sees that just one player can’t grab the whole team down with him.

Shurmur is Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator last season together with the privilege to view Giants New Head Coach lead Minnesota to become the seventh top in the league in rushing attacks when Dalvin Cook was lost with an accident during the breakout start his rookie season with Jerick McKinnon and Latavius Murray using all the workload on his or her shoulders.

Jerick McKinnon posted 991 yards in their career in a very sequence play for Shurmur. This led him to land binding agreement for 4 years in addition to $30 million with all the San Francisco 49ers.

I believe Giants has a potential backup the same as McKinnon for their roster who’s capable of playing both to be a ball-carrier as well like a receiver.

The rookie Wayne Gallman gave a good season behind New York offensive lines. At present, he could be scheduled as being the third-string running back behind Jonathan Stewart within the unofficial depth chart from the team.

Although he comes as being the second best after Barkley, the 11-year veteran shows his talent inside the first preseason outing faced from the team. Also, he even had earned a greater grade from Pro Football Focus during last season.

No doubt Stewart has become great leading the running backs team but what Giants require is a more experienced hand prefer that of Gallman to realize something in the field. What he showed resistant to the Browns only agreed to be a little sample.

On ground Gallman did a small play, gaining five yards on three carries but he did way better as being a receiver, catching four passes for 33 yards. The Giants have experienced more potential players other than inside running back squad like Jalen Simmons and Robert Martin. Simmons also made the only real touchdown on the game in Big Blue.

We sure hope which the Giants won’t must suffer having less Barkley this forthcoming season but there’s nothing you can do to avoid injuries while playing football.

From the looks than it, Barkley is not within the danger to miss a normal season opener on the team on September 9th. But there is a lesson learned from Monday’s fright and that will be the importance on the depth plus much more specifically value of Gallman inside the roster.