10 Best sneakers adidas shoe Recommendations

10 Best sneakers adidas shoe Recommendations

Who doesn’t know Adidas? This one brand is global and the collection is the target of many people. The sneakers adidas model, such as Superstar, Stan Smith, and others, must be familiar to you. However, there are also other series with a low cut, middle cut, high cut, or slip-on types that are sought after.

This time, we will introduce points on how to choose and provide the best Adidas sneakers recommendations for you. Find your favorite Adidas sneakers in this article, yes.

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How to choose sneakers adidas

sneakers adidas that are comfortable to wear are increasingly popular because they are easily paired with any clothes. Because it was originally used as sports shoes, the comfort of Adidas shoes need not be doubted.

In general, there are two groups of Adidas sneakers namely Original and Neo. However, in this article, we will discuss the Original series with its typical Trefoil logo.

Choose based on the shoe model

The first thing you should pay attention to is the model. Many of the original sneakers adidas models have been liked so far. In the following, we will explain each sneakers adidas model in detail.

For fans of white sneakers, choose the Stan Smith model

Speaking of sneakers adidas, Stan Smith must be familiar to your ears. Stan Smith is recommended for those of you who like simple designs. Stan Smith’s model does not have a three-line design that is characteristic of sneakers adidas. Even so, the look of Stan Smith remains stylish and easily paired with any fashion style. This makes Stan Smith very popular among various other white sneakers.

Initially, Stan Smith was designed for tennis players in the 1970s. His shoes are equipped with a very functional ventilation hole because Stan Smith uses an insole from OrthoLite. The material is relatively easy to care for even though it is made of leather.

Choose the Superstar model that represents Adidas sneakers

The superstar is one of the models that represent Adidas sneakers. The superstar has three distinctive sneakers Adidas lines that are unique and will attract attention. The design is familiar from generation to generation.

Its popularity has never declined since it was released in the 1960s until now. This model is not outdated, we recommend for those of you who want to look more fashionable.

In recent years, the design has become more stylish. This is thanks to the use of striped material called the toe shell and also leather upper. When compared to Stan Smith, you will look more casual when using this Superstar model. In addition, the charming white color makes you look neater.

Suede material that is characteristic of the Campus model

The Campus model is highly recommended for those of you who are looking for sneakers with a vintage impression. Just like Stan Smith, the Campus model was originally designed as sports shoes. Suede material makes these sneakers easier to clean than leather shoes. However, these sneakers are not waterproof so you have to pay more attention.

These shoes are very comfortable to wear and feel right on the feet. Therefore, your feet will not get tired easily even if you wear them for a long time. The design and color are calm to make the Campus model suitable for use by adults.

Choose the Country model whose silhouette looks interesting

If you want to focus on the legs, of course, the Country model will be right for you. Among sneakers Adidas that feature a minimalist design, the accents of this Country model are quite striking. This model is perfect for a classic casual appearance when you combine it with jeans and chino pants.

In addition, the Country model can create a stronger retro impression than other sneakers Adidas. This model was originally sold as cross-country shoes so that it can be used when facing bad weather.

This is because the Country model has the characteristic of a slightly raised toe. The country is also known as shoes that fit on the feet and are comfortable to walk.

For the classic look, choose the Gazelle model

Gazelle is a classic sneaker that is quite popular. The sleek design is suitable for those of you who want sneakers with a not too flashy look. There are various designs, but the basic material is suede and usually has white lines.

Besides being casual, Gazelle is very easy to pair, even with feminine clothing or tight pants. Men can also match it with jogger pants for casual impression.

Adjust the color of the shoe with your personal character

The next important thing is the color selection. When choosing sneakers adidas that mostly have a simple appearance, you can’t ignore the color selection. For example, when you choose black. There are many different black choices with ordinary black or black that look chicer.

Therefore, choose soft colors or according to your taste. Another important point that you should pay attention to is the choice of colors from the 3-Stripes design. The look of your sneakers will change dramatically depending on the choice of the base color and the color of the decoration. You can use white as the base color and line color.

In addition, the colors of the 3-Stripes sneakers adidas shoes can vary. Therefore, you can choose an alloy that you like, which represents your identity. Besides the lines, there are also design points for some limited edition shoes. This point becomes very important if you are looking for a design that is different from others.

If you want to look different, use a shoe model without straps or slip-on

You need to check the parts that can be removed because these parts will affect the appearance. The part that can be removed from most Adidas sneakers is the shoelace. That way, you will look different if you choose Adidas sneakers without shoelaces.

Velcro sneakers are also popular lately. This type has the impression of a strong style. Choose this type if you want to accentuate shoes as the main point in dressing. For those of you who have problems when removing strappy shoes, this type is the right choice.

For those of you who want a more fresh look, a simple slip-on type is suitable to choose from. This model is also popular for women because it will make the legs silhouette more slender. Surely it will be very easy to remove, right?

Pay attention to the shoe pieces for you who are concerned with the design

You who are concerned with design must pay attention to sneakers. Most popular models such as Stan Smith have low cuts or commonly called low cut. Low-cut sneakers are easily paired with any clothes. However, for those of you who want to show your characteristics, choose the middle cut.

For those of you who are tired of something ordinary, choose the type of high cut. This model may be a little difficult to match with the subordinates you wear. However, if you succeed in matching it, you will look like a fashion expert.

Then, if you want to highlight the appearance of your legs, you can pair them with skinny pants, knee-length subordinates, or calf-length skirts. After that, look again at the balance of your overall appearance.

Choose shoes with a larger number when buying sneakers adidas online, maybe you will find it difficult to determine the size, right? Most people buy sneakers Adidas  with a size of 0.5 cm to 1 cm larger than usual size. Next, you can tighten the shoelaces so that they don’t feel loose.

For the Stan Smith and Superstar models, it will feel cramped when using your actual foot size. Therefore, we recommend that you choose sneakers adidas with one number larger than your usual shoes.